56. Monika Karlvinger

Best rekommendations for RH, rui horta advogado in Tavira, and 'our' lawyer, Marisa Fernandes. We are a Swedish couple which moved permanently to Portugal, one year ago. Through a Swedish friend, living here, with good experiance and help from Marisa he introduced us for her. She has helped us with all necessary papers to become Portuguese in the sence of NIF, NHR, insurance, all contracts you may need if you buy an apartment or a house, and so on. Our estate agent said when we bought our house, such a good lawyer you have, fast in correspondence, correctly. And we agree, when we have needed her help, she answer so quickly. If you need a lawyer in any case, don´t hesitate to contact her. Monika and Kent

+351 281 325 635/36


Rua 1º de Maio nº9
8800-360 Tavira

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